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Looking to discover new  artists and  ways to connect music and people


About  me

I started in the music market in 2013, working at iMusica - at the time, the largest distributor of digital music in Latin America - in the creation team of Claromúsica, a streaming platform similar to Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and similar.


I'm CEO and co-founder of Milk Music, a company that started as a digital marketing agency and has grown to act as a music label and now has an active arm of Podcasts.

Working in the marketing part, I worked on promoting the releases of artists such as:

Anitta Caetano Veloso  
 Luan Santana  

Marcus Valle    Paula Toller

 Tribalistas      Black city 

Zé Neto e Cristiano

I worked with

From 2014 until now, some of the companies I was able to serve as responsible for

Milk Music Marketing and Business:


Marketing and Business
Consultancy for the
Music Business

A way to teach and learn at the same time. Each artist and each company has a different need and challenge, which makes this work very stimulating.

In addition to new artists, some starting from scratch, releasing their first song, I also had/have the privilege of guiding and assisting as a consultant artists and companies such as:

Caetano Veloso (Live) 

 Bubblegum Rec 

 Codinome Winchester 

 Pineapple StormTV 


Today I belong to voting academies and associations of the following companies:

My  Podcasts

Behind-the-scenes conversations about the music market, covering the main topics with special guests, including executives from record labels, publishers and distributors, as well as representatives from extremely relevant music companies such as Grammy Latino, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Rede Globo and others. 

A straight talk about the life of the independent artist, addressing artistic and commercial issues, career building and important decision-making over the years on the road.

In order to share information with other DIY artists, the program received names like Kawe, Castello Branco, Rod (3030), Gab Ferreira and more.

Let's chat?

Describe your difficulties and how I could help you with and we'll schedule a call, sounds good? Please send me information about you too so I can become familiar with your work!

Obrigado por enviar!

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